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Suddenly Spring

March 17, 2010

After a long, hard winter, and a recent bad storm, spring arrives!

Are you ready?

Oh I’m sure you’re ready for it! But are you really ready for a change? For a more joyful time? For a better world?

If peace were to break out, like a too-long-repressed urge in our hearts, would we know what to do with it? Would we even know a change in the seasons of the spirit if it were to occur?

Or are we all walking under a cloud, waiting for the worst to happen, because for you and for me it once did, long ago, when we were too young and tender to bare it.

Remember? For me it was the January day when I was 15 and my dad walked in to my room to wake me up to say, “she’s gone”.    

And ever since, I’ve been waiting for it to happen again. I’d give my heart completely to someone, and there’d be a place inside it that is dead certain she’ll leave me. Every day I half expect it.

And it might happen of course, one day. And if and when it does, that place inside will say, “I knew it! Can’t depend on anything!”

And it’s ok to be prepared for the worst. But it can keep a soul from fully enjoying the best. And with Shelley I’ve had the best for almost 10 years now. Spring — for 10 years, and I’m still wearing my winter coat.

And you…?

And if it were suddenly spring in this world, would we be ready, or even recognize it? Or would we protect ourselves from it in order to avoid the pang of yet another terrible disappointment? 

If joy broke out in your heart, would you believe it, or would you doubt it to death?

I believe spring and joy are trying to break out all over the place, like so many flowers reaching up between the cracks in the sidewalk. I believe the world is ready, although its leaders may not be. Actually, we’ve been ready for quite some time now.

I look at this blue and gorgeous planet and the blessings of being alive at a time like this, and I’m reminded of an old song that spoke of how we…

“All sat down/In one boat, together

                 Troubled voyage/in calm weather” — Maya, Incredible String Band.

Spring is here; we know that.

Joy is here too, if you’re ready.


Today’s Joygasm:

Play Pete’s second song,  “My Rainbow Race” here:  Pete Seeger

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  1. Jennifer permalink
    March 17, 2010 6:26 pm

    I have to say if I wasn’t optimistic everyday I wouldn’t survive. Being sick with a chronic auto immune disease makes you ready for the good days really relish them! World peace is something I pray for. I can honestly say I’m ready for the good things every single day:)

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