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Mining My Mind

April 9, 2013

So it’s been about three years for Waking At Midnight (formerly The Joy Project). To commemorate, here are some gleanings, although actually most of what follows are not gleaned from blog posts, but from the mind that spewed them…

General Musings:

When you get kicked in the ass, don’t turn the other cheek.

The phrase “mind-blowing” probably originates from an instance of someone speaking in an astonishing way, thereby using their mouth to bring someone else’s brain to orgasm.

Our thoughts are the soundtrack of our lives. Consider switching stations every so often.

Only connect.

The slower you go, the further you get. (At least it’s worked that way for me).

Should we consider as friends only those people we like?

My problems loom large when I’m playing life too small.

It is a strength to know and respect one’s weaknesses.

To know you don’t know is the beginning of wisdom. (And I know this for sure.)

If there’s ever a nuclear war, it will be the result of two or more leaders communicating via text. The hierarchy of communication, in reverse order of effectiveness, follows:




Face Time/Skype

Speaking in person



Here’s a question: Since my short-term memory is shot, how long must I wait to recall what happened yesterday?

Relationships At Sea:

Love is never enough.

If you want to know what they’re like in bed, watch them dance.

Most relationship problems can be solved with either gratitude or generosity, which are themselves a happy couple.

More important than the right person is the right time. The right person at the wrong time is the wrong person.

It takes a village to have a relationship.

Politics And Other Diseases:

In the 60’s our joy was outrageous, and our rage was joyous. And you wonder why I miss those times?

Until we are all taken care of, none of us will be safe.

Bigness is the root of all evil. The Right’s tragic flaw is that it de-emphasizes the dangers of big corporations. The Left’s tragic flaw is that it de-emphasizes the dangers of big government. Big is inherently bad.

If you label yourself politically, you have diminished yourself in some way.

All ideology is inherently orthodox. Truth comes from diverse backgrounds. Anyone who disagrees with this is wrong. My mind is made up.

If you believe you have a firm grasp as to where we are all headed, you simply don’t understand what’s going on.

The mainstream leads to a barren lake.

All isms are like jism: They are sometimes life giving, but usually end up smelling something awful.

Drugs and Alcohol:

…are wasted on the young.

A person sworn to sobriety has a drug problem and should seek help immediately.

Everything in moderation, including moderation. – Buddha

One should never abuse substances, but should always treat them well.


To Be (or not)…

We’re here to raise the roof and lower the heavens.

God created music so we could dance our way to Her. And after we die, the beat goes on.

Consider for exactly how long you believe you will be dead, then proceed accordingly.

One Last Thought:

It is said that those who know, don’t say. And  those who say, don’t know. Sorry about that.


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