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What It Feels Like To Be In The Times…Again

October 13, 2013

Whoa — what a ride! Today’s article on Shelley and me in the NY Times is almost overwhelming. Thrilling of course, and a bit more flattering than I deserve, but it also includes an embarrassing piece of misinformation (at least in the print edition). 

The Times covered our wedding in the Vows section seven years ago because they liked the story of a psychotherapist that was also a dating coach finding the love of his life. 

The current piece is an update that includes our roller-coaster ride with her health, and to follow up on our marriage seven years down the line.

And it’s true, like the piece says, that I focus more now on couples counseling (although I still do a lot of date coaching) but I wish they had mentioned my website — so I’ll mention it now! .  

I’m also glad they mention some of my ideas about what makes for healthy relationships, like the importance of a support system, and of being grateful for one’s blessings, and of not taking each other for granted. 

Speaking of which, I’m so grateful this piece really gives Shelley her due, as this woman has inspired me to no end from the day I met her.

The embarrassing part was the article’s subtitle in the print edition, no doubt put in there by an editor, which could give the impression we were in worse financial straights than we were or are.   (Jane Gordon, the author, gets it right in the piece, however).  Further, Shelley’s heart is not actually weak. She has CAD: Coronary Artery Disease, which means that some arteries around her heart are blocked — hence the stents. But her heart itself is fine — which is why we can dance together to 60’s rock (with a little Lady Gaga thrown in). Anyway, these are small prices to pay for such a lovely article! 

And am I really that philosophical?

Well, let me think about that. Let’s see…on the one hand… 

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  1. Richard J Gerber permalink
    October 13, 2013 12:20 pm

    Great article. Glad to see you are well and looking much the same as at GNN
    (well, maybe a little less hair!).

    I am well, remarried seven years ago as well, retired from hospital/universe admin posts, but working as a rare book dealer living in Lake Peekskill, NY Cheers!

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